The Third Annual Merry Y’all-Tide Celebration!

It's gonna be a good one!

I seriously look forward to our Christmas show all year. We have such a fun time thinking of creative holiday songs to cover, fun decorations, and awesome bands to play with us! This year we are especially excited because we’ll be playing The Variety Playhouse for the first time ever. Many of us grew up in/around Atlanta, so playing Variety can now be checked off our bucket lists!

Two incredibly talented bands will also be joining us this year. Packway Handle Band has played many shows with The Whiskey Gentry over the years – in fact, they played our 2nd annual Christmas show last year. They put on such entertaining, energetic performances, and we’re looking forward to seeing them again!

We’ve never played with Shovels & Rope before, but I’ve been a fan of Cary Ann Hearst since I started playing music around the Southeast. She’s got an incredible voice and songwriting skills, as does her husband, Michael Trent, with whom she shares the band. It’s so awesome to see another married couple making music together, and their chemistry together is undeniable. Also, their songs are super rad, and their live shows are so fun. I like them. I like them a lot.

I hope you all will join us this holiday season! You can purchase tickets here:

See y’all December 2nd! 


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