XMAS, 2012, and Vlogging.

Hello all. Long time no talk.

Things have been mighty busy around The Whiskey Gentry camp lately. After our weekend run in Florida with Have Gun Will Travel, we (kind of) settled down enjoy the holidays. We hosted our Third Annual Y’all Tide Celebration, and it was a total blast.

Best night of the year!

On New Years Eve, we were fortunate enough to be invited to play the Peach Drop here in Atlanta in front of 100,00 people and open for Kansas. It was definitely an incredible way to ring in 2012.

Look at all those people!

We’ve started this year on a real high note (PUN!) by teaming up with Playpro Media and Sony Music to continue spreading the word about our music and to further expand our growth as a band. During this time, we’re going to be video blogging (vlogging!) to give our fans a peek into our lives and experiences as part of The Gentry. We’ll be doing a series that will be updated weekly, so make sure you check back in! Watch the first one below!

Also, please hop over to the Playpro site and “Like” us! It takes two seconds and they don’t ask for your email or to make an account. Just a lil’ button click to show you care. 🙂


xo -L.


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  1. Yay Vlogs! 🙂


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