Mr. and Mrs.

Jason and I celebrated our first anniversary on Sunday.


I feel like many people who are fans of The Whiskey Gentry don’t necessarily realize that Jason and I are married. It was the music, in fact, that brought us together. We were both playing in separate bands at the time we met, and then joined forces with TWG and grew closer and closer by the day. We also write the majority of the songs as a duo.

Sure, marriage isn’t the easiest thing on the planet, but I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather share my life and this band with. I think he feels the same. 🙂

Like Johnny and June.

xo -L.


The Lowe Brothers

Our beloved banjo player, Chesley, and his wife, Vivian, welcomed their twin baby boys into the world on Tuesday.

Chesley Jr. and Brander Lowe

They are precious and perfect. Jason and I went to the hospital last night to meet them.

Lauren with Brander

Jason with Chesley Jr.

Chesley informed us while we were there that the boys were actually born on Bill Monroe’s birthday, so naturally, they are destined for greatness. Chesley and Vivian have been like family to Jason and I since we met them in 2009. Chesley came recommended to us through a mutual friend of ours, and he has been with The Whiskey Gentry since the very beginning. We’re so excited and proud of him and Vivian, and we can’t wait until the boys get old enough to sit in with us. FAMILY BAND!

Welcome to The Gentry, little guys!

xo – L.

Testing. Testing. Is this thing on?

Hello friends! Greetings from the cyberworld!

A few things worth mentioning:

1. This is my first attempt at blogging.

2. This isn’t just my blog. This is The Whiskey Gentry’s blog. Although I will be the only one writing it, I promise to not update with things like, “Went to Publix today. They were out of 2% Colby Jack.” (YAWN.)

3. I think TWG does some pretty interesting things, and I would like to share them with you all, my cyber pals.

So…. here goes!

Stay tuned, friends. This should be fun.

xo – L.